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Dare for a Halloween Scare? Happy Spooky Halloween Party Night!
#TOMTOP #Halloween

Dare for a Halloween Scare? Happy Spooky Halloween Party Night!

#TOMTOP #Halloween

Cycling helmet #TOMTOP #cycling #helmet #sports #bike #bicycle helmet

Cycling helmet #TOMTOP #cycling #helmet #sports #bike #bicycle helmet

Collapse in Prices on Best Smartphones for You!

Recently, people lay much trust on brand cell phones. Do you know how many kinds of brands in this field? iPhone, Samsung, HTC, etc. Those are really expensive for many of us. Then have you found another more reliable smartphones? Yes! Lenovo, Cubot, Leagoo Lead 1 etc. All with good performance and reasonable prices. And now, there is a discount reward for all of you. We offer many kinds of brands for you to choose from.


Which characteristic will you care more when choosing a smartphone? CPU performance? How about Octa-core cellphones? Here comes a new UMI X3 smartphone. MTK6592 Octa Core 1.7GHz. Really high work performance. With Android 4.2 operating system, it has better reliability and compatibility. It’s a pretty good choice for you!


Would you like a large screen smartphone? There is a Lenovo A850 smartPhone for those who fancy more on large screen or like watching movies via cellphones. 5.5inch large IPS capacitive touchscreen will greatly satisfy you.


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Top quality and affordable

I have used this cable cord produced by Dodocool for a while and I must state at the start, that it surely one of the best on the market. It is useful, fast, has quality build and it fits and syncs perfectly with my two iOS devices: my iPod 5 and iPhone 5S. The 8 Pin USB Data Cable Cord has quickly become my favorite gadget, as I’m on my iOS devices basically 24/7. I constantly add music, movies, videos and photos, and I need them to be posted on my iMac as well. This data cable does the job perfectly!
The cable length is about 3 ft. The dongles are smartly and urbanely designed. The cable is light and basically you can carry it anywhere with you. The cable will charge your iOS device fast and you can do multiple thing simultaneously. Too often I end up searching staff on iTunes and transferring them on my iPod, while charging it as well. Again, I got to say that the cable is MFI (made for iPhone) as well. I charge and transfer staff on my iPhone as well. It is really helpful while on the go and I’m at my friend’s house. You can charge and transfer files even on PC with Windows. 
The build quality is top class. I think that I have carried and used it too much in the last month. There is no sign that it is damaged or that it will stop working. 
The 8 Pin USB Data Cable Cord produced by Dodocool does a great job. It is useful, quality, durable and reliable. Because of its great built quality, you can carry it anywhere with you and use it as much as you need and possibly can. Oh and as you can see, the price is great and it is a much better solution than anything similar on the market right now.

Light up the way ahead! Never be afraid of darkness. TrustFire 1600lm Flashlight! 
#TOMTOP #flashlight #LED flashlight #CREE LED #torch light

Light up the way ahead! Never be afraid of darkness. TrustFire 1600lm Flashlight

#TOMTOP #flashlight #LED flashlight #CREE LED #torch light

What’s in your camera bag?

If you are a new owner of a Backpacker BBK-3 Canvas Camera Bag,what will you have in it? A camera (hopefully) and maybe a lens or two, but that’s probably not everything that you need. Here are some things that should always deserve a place in it.

Mini tripod
Carrying a full-size tripod around isn’t always practical unless you know you’re definitely going to use it. But there’s nothing worse than being caught out without a camera support when you end up really needing one. Mini tripods are small and lightweight. While not as versatile as a full-size model, a mini tripod opens up a lot of possibilities, especially when it comes to low-light photography. With your camera on the tripod, resting on a wall, tree branch or even the ground, you can use slow shutter speeds without fear of shake.

Spare battery / Memory cards
Hopefully this is obvious, but if you run out of space on your memory card, or your camera’s battery runs flat, you may as well pack up your gear and go home. In order to avoid nasty surprises we recommend always carrying a couple of spare memory cards and at least one extra charged-up battery. If your camera runs on (or can be adapted to use) AA batteries, it’s a good idea to have a few lithium ones tucked away in your bag somewhere. They’re light, powerful, and don’t discharge over time.

Rain cover / Poncho
If the weather in your part of the world is anything like the weather in Seattle, you’ll need to make sure that you and your gear are protected against the elements. Cheap folding ponchos can be found in most pharmacies and gas stations for unexpected downpours, and (with a bit of adjustment) will protect both photographer and equipment, but dedicated rain covers for cameras and lenses are also available from several manufacturers.


A flash that can be attached to the hot shoe of a camera or used off camera are great for adding additional light to your subject. If you haven’t tried using them before, it will add a whole new dimension to your photography.

Circular polarizer
Some people think that when shooting digitally you don’t need to use filters, but that’s not true. While there’s perhaps not much point using old-style warm-up and cooling filters anymore, polarizing filters remain indispensable if you’re capturing landscapes. Polarizing filters make the colors in blue skies and foliage more intense, increase contrast in clouds and reduce reflections on water and glass. Good-quality polarizers aren’t cheap, and you might only use one a handful of times every year, but having one tucked away in your camera bag ensures that when you really need it, it’s right there.

If you think we’ve missed anything, let us know in the comments.

Surprising Facts About Eyeliners

Makeup is truly an art form, with so many different products, tools and techniques that all help to keep a makeup artist’s job so easy and fun. Of the near-limitless options of products to work with, eyeliner is one of the most consistent.


1. White eyeliner can make your eyes look more awake. Swap your regular black pencil for white when you’re looking a tad on the tired side and say good morning to brighter eyes.

2. Dark eyeliner was actually created, in part, to protect people from the harsh rays of the sun. So, if anything, you have an excuse for owning ten identical similar shades of black eyeliner. But don’t forget: there’s no substitute for SPF!

3. Winged eyeliner can be worn on both top and bottom lash lines—at the same time! Choose two contrasting colors for an edgy makeover and read this tutorial for instructions.

4. Ever mess up on your liner look (hello, eyes that are suddenly two different sizes)? No worries, simply apply makeup remover to a Q-tip to erase the error without smudging or starting over.

5. Connect the dots instead of sweeping liner on for more precise results. Just dot with cream liner and connect with a smudge brush for perfect liner, every time.   

Solid Solution For Charging

I picked up this cable and it’s actually one of my favorite. The connecting point is easy to use, and the long cable is bar none one of the best solutions I’ve seen for charging a phone. I have a few cats, and that causes a lot of issue when trying to charge my phone with a shorter cable. However, now I can wrap my cord across a few feet and they can’t get to it. It’s one of the best solutions I’ve had in recent years.

I loved that this is Apple MFI certified, it’s lower cost than the traditional iPhone cord, and it works for Android as well, so my girlfriend could charge her Samsung phone at the same time. I recommend this option for those that have multiple phones in the house and don’t want to deal with the issues related to switching things out over and over to get a charge. It’s fast, syncs well, and is, dare I say, better than the Apple packaged option. It’s definitely cheaper.